Property Damage & Insurance Claims

Frontier Law Group represents homeowners, water restoration and mold remediation companies, roofing companies, flooring companies, and any other individual or organization that owns or has an interest in residential or commercial property that has sustained property damage.
Any Floridian knows the perils of living through a hurricane or severe storm. Very often these storms damage  your property. They can create openings in the roof, doors, windows, or walls, and , as a result, water will inevitably seep in and create more damage. In these circumstances, like the millions of other Floridians who pay premiums on their home and business insurance, you expect your insurer to honor the terms of your policy by paying for the repairs to your property. Instead, insurers too often abandon their customers and breach the terms of their insurance policies by either under-paying the value of a claim or denying a claim outright. The result of these under-payments and denials can be devastating. Our clients come to us with leaks ranging from minor seepage to gaping roofs and walls. In either case, once water enters your home or business, the effect can be catastrophic. Damages often include and lead to mold, mildew, stains on your roof and walls, warped appliances, furniture and fixtures, and even termites.
As a home or business owner, you should not have to deal with the trauma of having to defend yourself against your insurance company while the condition of your property continues to worsen. Our lawyers understand the issues raised by insurance companies and work diligently to ensure that your insurer pays what is rightfully owed to you under your policy. We work to force the insurance companies to honor their agreements and do right by their customers.

Losses include:
  • Water leaks in showers, A/C units, plumbing, refrigerator supply lines, roof openings, and other areas
  • Flooding, sink holes
  • Fire damage
  • Hurricanes, windstorms, and hail storms
  • Or any other occurrence that may be covered under your policy
Public Adjusters
Frontier Law Group will diligently enforce your rights and recover the monies you are owed. Do not settle for less. We are responsive to both your needs as well as the clients’.
Restoration Companies
If you have received an assignment of benefits, you may be entitled to compensation from the insurance company for the restoration services you have provided. Frontier Law Group will diligently enforce your rights and recover the monies you are owed.
Property Owners
If you have sustained damage to your property, Frontier Law Group will enforce your rights and seek compensation for any covered loss.
Call Frontier Law Group. Our attorneys will review your policy and advise you of your rights.
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