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Corporations, LLCs & Sole Proprietorships

Frontier Law Group’s business attorneys will meet the needs of any business, any size. Whether your business is publicly traded or privately-held as a “mom & pop,” choose professionals responsive to your needs.
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As legal professionals, we provide clients with powerful, practical and cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of business issues.
  • Contracts. Whether you need a well-crafted agreement drafted, or you need assistance with a dispute, our litigation attorneys will diligently protect your business.
  • Business formation. Laying the foundation for your business requires a skilled craftsman. Our lawyers will lay the cornerstones which are best suited for your needs and guide you through the formation process. Our services include:
    • Partnership
    • Bylaws
    • Operating agreements
    • Joint ventures
    • Filing documents with the state
  • Financing. Whether you are seeking investors or securing a loan from either traditional or private lenders, our lawyers will guide you toward the most effective solution suitable for your business needs.
  • Shareholder and partner disputes.
    • Preventative
      • Formation of governing documents
      • Internal dispute resolution
    • Litigation
      • Courts
      • Arbitration
      • Mediation
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