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Homeowner & Condominium Owner Associations

Frontier Law Group is a full-service law firm dedicated to fulfilling the legal needs
of homeowner associations and condominium associations.
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As a full-service law firm for associations, Frontier Law Group:
General Counsel: 
  • Reviews governing documents in preparation for partial or substantial revisions
  • Works closely with property managers to confront day-to-day operational challenges
  • Resolves construction disputes
  • Pursues assessment collections, liens and foreclosures

Insurance Disputes:

  • Are you a board member of your homeowner or community association? Has the association suffered      property damage? 

  • You may have a fiduciary duty or obligation to contact the insurance company and report a claim. The    process can be complicated, and there may be restoration companies or public adjusters trying to get you or  the board to sign contracts or agreements for the assignment of rights. Without understanding your rights and  obligations, entering into these agreements can create serious issues. 

  • Many attorneys will tout experience handling property insurance claims; however, you may owe it to the  association to hire an attorney that understands the laws governing HOAs and the duties of their board members. 

  • FLG has years of experience successfully handling property damage claims on behalf of homeowners and         community associations. Contact FLG today to speak with an attorney about the insurance claim. There is no       fee unless we obtain a settlement.

Inspect Property:

  • Board members and property management companies should inspect association property routinely. 

  • After a windstorm: often times windstorms can create damage that remains hidden or concealed until a leak manifests itself, but by then it may be too late.

  •  Not only will the damage be more severe, but the Association’s insurance company may deny coverage due  to “long-term wear and tear”. It’s important to act diligently and discover any damage sooner rather than later.

  • This is true regardless of the cause. It could be the result of a windstorm, for example, or practically any other  cause which results in property damage.

  • There’s no need to issue a special assessment, and the community should not have to tax reserves. 

  • The professionals at Frontier Law Group have years of experience working with community associations and  their property management companies to preserve association property and, when necessary, assert a claim    with the community’s insurance provider.

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