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Insurance Disputes

  • The attorneys at Frontier Law Group are seasoned insurance dispute professionals. 

  • We’ve handled practically every insurance dispute under the sun. 

  • Has your home or commercial real estate property been damaged? 

  • Has a loved one passed away and the life insurance company is refusing to pay out under the policy?  

  • Have you been injured while traveling abroad and need to make a claim with your travelers insurance? 

  • Have you invested in cryptocurrency or other financial instruments that have been stolen? 

  • Whatever the issue, no matter the type of insurance, the professionals at FLG have years of experience in    successfully dealing with insurance companies and resolving claims on behalf of our clients. There’s no need  for you to stress and we charge no fee unless we are successful at obtaining a settlement for you. 

  • Call Frontier Law Group today to speak with an Attorney about your insurance claim.

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