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Residential and Commercial Real Estate



Residential Real Estate:


  • Are you interested in purchasing real estate? 


  • Are you currently in contract to close on a piece of property? 


  • Have you purchased property only to discover that there are issues? 


It’s important to know your rights, understand the issues, and make informed decisions – from the beginning. 

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Commercial Real Estate:

  • Are you interested in starting or expanding a business?  

  • Do you plan to set up shop at a brick and mortar location as opposed to working digitally?  

  • Leasing or buying a commercial property can be fraught with issues. Chances are you’ll have to negotiate and review lengthy contracts. But what are the provisions? 

  • Will you be responsible for paying taxes on the property? What if the city finds that some aspect of the    property is out of code? Will you be responsible for either paying for these improvements or the fines imposed  by the City before the issues are completely resolved? Will your shop be forced to close during this period?  Are you responsible to keep making rent payments even if your shop isn’t allowed to be open?  These are  only a few of the countless issues that may arise. 

Choose the Right Professional


  • Transactions involving residential and commercial real estate can be complex, depending on the terms,  and almost always expensive. They require careful consideration to detail. 


  • Unfortunately, choosing the wrong professional can lead to costly mistakes. At the end of the day, you may be responsible to incur the costs of those mistakes. For this reason, it is essential to choose the right professional  from the beginning.


  • Whether its understanding your rights, negotiating real estate contracts and leases, or litigating disputes, arm yourself with the knowledge and experience of seasoned professionals. 


  • Call Frontier Law Group today to speak with an attorney about your real estate legal needs. We will be in your corner and fight for your rights alongside you.

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