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Water Damage

Water damage claims can be difficult to navigate, as it's not always clear which water events are covered under your homeowner's insurance policy. Is the water damage the result of a septic tank backup? Has a pipe burst in your home? Is the water damage the result of a leaky shower pan?

As a law firm representing clients who have suffered water damage to their property, we have the expertise to help you understand your coverage and enforce your rights.

For example, if you've suffered water damage you may also have an obligation to protect the property from further damage. Temporary or emergency remediation measures may be necessary. You may need to prevent the damage from worsening and stop the growth or spread of mold. We help with this. Failing to take these measures, however, may negatively impact your claim. 

Our team of experts will take photographs and videos of the damage and create a comprehensive report with respect to that damage. Without documenting the damage and preserving evidence, any insurance claim you report may be negatively affected as a result. 

Understanding both insurance and the claims process is essential to maximizing your recovery. It's critical to review your insurance policy in order to understand the coverage and obligations associated with that policy. Our experienced attorneys will help you interpret your policy, verify coverage, and determine the best strategy for your claim. 

If your insurance company denies or undervalues your claim, we will fight for your rights and seek to obtain full compensation for your losses. If there’s no recovery, there’s no fee or cost.

Contact our law firm today for a free consultation. 

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