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Fire Claims

Fires alone can be devastating to your property; the smoke from that fire can make the scope of the damage even worse. As such, it’s important to diligently report your claim for fire damage to your homeowner’s insurance company, document that damage extensively, and take measures to mitigate and protect the property from further damage. Failure to do these things can violate the terms of your policy and ultimately impact the integrity of your claim.


Understanding both insurance and the claims process is essential to maximizing your recovery. Our attorneys know the claims process. We have read thousands of policies and will use our expertise to protect and enforce your claim. We work with experts who will take photographs and videos of the damage and create a comprehensive report with respect to that damage. 


If your insurance company denies or undervalues your claim, we will fight for your rights and seek to obtain full compensation for your losses. Contact our law firm today to discuss your options and protect your rights as a property owner. If there’s no recovery, there’s no fee or cost.

Photo by cody reed on Unsplash

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